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Alfa Romeo 147
Alfa Romeo
Years 2000-2010
Class Compact car
Body Style 2-Door Hatchback
4-Door Hatchback
Length 164 inches (4,171mm)
Width 68 inches (1,730mm)
Height 56.7 inches (1,440mm)
Wheelbase 100.2 inches (2,545mm)
Weight 3163 lbs. (1,435 kg)
Engine 1.9L JTD
Related Alfa Romeo 156
Designers Italdesign

The Alfa Romeo 147 is a compact automobile produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo since 2000.

The 147 was launched at the 2000 Turin Motorshow as a replacement for the aging 145 & 146 hatchbacks, and is based on the running gear of the larger 156 saloon. It is available with 1.6- and 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder gasoline engines and a 1.9-litre diesel engine. The 147 received considerable praise for its styling on launch, and is still considered to be one of the best-looking cars in its class. Its handling was also praised, in spite of criticism regarding the light (sensitive) steering, which makes some drivers feel less involved. However, light steering does help during parking maneuvers. Other criticisms of the 147 included a cumbersome gearshift, unsupportive seats and the lack of interior space compared to its rivals. The car became well known for its engine note, which is unusually mellifluous for a car of its class.[1][2][3] The 147 was also voted European Car of the Year for 2001.

The 147 suffers from poor resale value. One of the main reasons for this is the bad reputation Alfa Romeo and Italian marques in general have for reliability and durability, though the 147 has so far proven itself to be considerably more reliable than previous generations of Italian cars. However, this is mostly because customers usually opt for manual transmissions and avoid the V-6 powered GTA. Nevertheless, even though major breakdowns are not a serious problem for the 147, smaller, mostly electronic faults are (e.g., warning lights unnecessarily coming on and engine oil being burned even in brand-new engines).[4]

The high-performance 147 GTA model was launched in 2002. The GTA used a 3.2 V6 engine, produced 250 bhp and could exceed 150 mph. Its competitors in Europe include the Audi Audi A3 3.2 and the Renault Sport Clio V-6 (a car that pioneered the concept of the powerful V6 hot hatch in 2001). The GTA is lighter than both of these rivals, despite producing around the same level of power.

The entire 147 range was revamped in 2004, with the exterior styling changed considerably to be more reminiscent of the new 159 and Brera models, most notably for its "angrier" look.

Recent Changes[edit | edit source]

  • For summer 2007, Alfa Romeo is unveiled three special editions of its current 147: Sportiva, Blackline and Collezione.
  • Really milking the outgoing 147's cache as much as they could, Alfa Romeo has yet again produced a limited version of the model, inspired by "the music world – Pop, Indie, and Garage – by ‘street culture’ and by the multimedia world", it is dubbed the 147 C’N’C CoSTUME NATIONAL.[1]
  • Yet another 147 special edition to round out 2007 for Alfa Romeo. This time it is in the form of the 147 Ducati Corse. The car boasts mundane exterior changes like "racing" rocker panel stickers, three colors (red, black and white), optional red brake calipers, optional chromed exhaust pipes, satin-finished grille and standard 18" sporty alloys. The biggest changes, though, are to the powertrain which is now supplied by a new 170 bhp 1.9 JTDM turbodiesel engine coupled to Q2 self-locking front differential system and a sport button, which "varies the mapping of the accelerator pedal". Other niceties include Ducati Corse-inspired interior with a kick-ass BOSE stereo. [2]

Styles and Major Options[edit | edit source]

Pricing[edit | edit source]

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Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4

Gas Mileage[edit | edit source]

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As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

2.0 Manual 2.0 Selespeed 2.0 Diesel
L/100 km
11.5/8 12.5/9 c/h

Reliability[edit | edit source]

Service interval

12 months/10,000 km

The timing belt in petrol engines should be changed every 60,000 kilometres or 3 years. For diesel engines, the belt should be replaced every 150,000 kilometres or 5 years.

According to Car, the average reliability rating for the Alfa Romeo 147 is 7.07 points out of 10. Reliability is steadily improving in the coming years.

Safety[edit | edit source]

In 2001, the Alfa Romeo 147 scored 3 stars out of 5 (21 points out of 34) and scored 2 stars out of 4 for pedestrian protection. [3]

Photos[edit | edit source]

Colors[edit | edit source]

  • Alfa Red
  • Kyalami Black
  • Alfa Silver
  • Stromboli Grey
  • Ottremere Blue
  • Inca Blue
  • Metallic Blue
  • Casual Blue
  • Stromboli Gold
  • Metallic Green

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Hybrid Models[edit | edit source]

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Unique Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • CONNECT is an on board information system : an on-board telematic system located in the central console that via its 5” monitor gives access to satellite navigation and handsfree GSM phone as well as allowing you to adjust the radio and CD player settings. If subscribed to the CONNECT system by simply pressing the green button you will be connected directly to a member of the service team for assistance.

Resale Values[edit | edit source]

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Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $

Criticisms[edit | edit source]

  • "Dynamics let it down; crashy ride; dreadful turning circle; GTA's price, get a Mazda3 MPS." - Wheels Magazine

Generations[edit | edit source]

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First Generation/Origins (2000–2011)[edit | edit source]

Worldwide[edit | edit source]

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Design quirks and oddities[edit | edit source]

In a What Women Want survey conducted by the RACV in 2003, it showed that the 147 is the most popular choice among women buying an Alfa Romeo.

Awards[edit | edit source]

2001 European Car Of The Year

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